1xBet Cricket Section for Lucrative Betting Enthusiasts


Bookmakers try to collect in the pool of available sports tournaments, not only events that are equally famous and popular everywhere. They also add local events that are of interest mainly to several regions. All this attracts the attention of an active audience willing to risk their money to win. The Indian region has a special relation to cricket competitions – it is number one there. For an outside observer, this sport may resemble baseball, although it is a unique sport with its own rules and peculiarities. It is possible to bet in the 1xBet cricket section without any problems. Just log in to the site under your account and try your luck in predictions.

Cricket is a sport that can be challenging to bet on without prior knowledge. Unlike football matches, where goals and basic rules are straightforward even for beginners, cricket presents a unique challenge due to its multiple game formats. The largest international competitions feature three main versions: Test matches, One-Day Internationals (ODIs), and T20 matches.


It’s advisable to watch several matches beforehand before placing real-money bets on this sport.

Cricket betting options via 1xBet

Predicting outcomes in professional cricket tournaments requires preparation. The exception is if you’re not betting to earn money but rather to enhance the excitement while watching the match. To determine the best bet for a specific match, it’s essential to thoroughly study the market before the match begins. Bookmaker 1xBet actively updates cricket quotes and can also add or remove individual lines depending on the situation. Everything here is the same as in other sports. Therefore, you need to check the market from time to time to look for major updates. At a minimum, you can do this once a day.

Specific options on cricket betting involve outcomes and statistics. Therefore, users are offered the following:

  1. Predict the winner or the winner with a specific margin. You can also bet on an underdog, predicting either a win or a narrow loss.
  2. Double chance bets, similar to those in football, allow you to select two possible outcomes on the betting slip: either the victory of the first or second team without a draw, or ensuring one team does not lose.
  3. In terms of statistics, you can attempt to predict the total number of runs scored. There are also individual player performance indicators available for betting.

In cricket matches, there are almost as many nuances influencing the result as in tennis, where factors like surface and weather play crucial roles. In cricket, the batting order is determined by a draw, and the team batting first is considered to have a slight advantage. This advantage stems from the fact that they begin their innings on a relatively fresh pitch with new balls. The playing field also significantly impacts matches, depending on the stadium. There is no universal standard; some fields may have long grass while others keep it short.

Fans of live betting will discover intriguing options in the cricket section. Given the match specifics and the extended duration in some formats lasting several days, the bookmaker provides a comprehensive lineup. By tuning into the live broadcast, you can observe pivotal moments like ball changes and promptly place engaging and lucrative bets. Live sports streams are occasionally available on the 1xBet website and app, including coverage of cricket matches. Install the official app to stay informed about all events and follow your favorite matches anytime, anywhere.