5 Live Music Venues in Memphis Worth Traveling For


A certain magic fills the air when live music takes center stage. It’s a surreal experience that captivates our senses and stirs our souls. When it comes to live music that resonates with a deep-rooted passion, Memphis stands as an unrivaled destination for music enthusiasts.

In the heart of Memphis, where the blues were born and the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll thrives, lies famed music venues that attract travelers from every corner of the globe.

Whether you’re a music frenzy seeking the raw authenticity of the blues or a curious wanderer eager to discover the next big sensation, here are five live music venues in Memphis worth traveling to.

5 Memphis Live Music Venues Worth Traveling For

Beale Street Music Festival, Beale Street

Beale Street Music Festival is an annual celebration of music that brings together renowned artists from various genres, including blues, rock, and soul. With its historical setting and lively atmosphere, Beale Street is the perfect backdrop for this three-day extravaganza of sound.

The festival takes place in May, with multiple stages hosting performances by famous and rising stars. Visitors can revel in the diverse range of music while exploring the vibrant street lined with iconic blues clubs, restaurants, and shops.

Beale Street has a storied history, with legends like B.B. King, Louis Armstrong, and Muddy Waters having graced its stages. The Beale Street Music Festival is worth traveling for if you want to experience the spirit of Memphis concerts in all its glory, with electrifying performances and a lively crowd that knows how to have a good time.

The Orpheum Theatre, South Main Street

The Orpheum Theatre is a historic venue that showcases various performances, including Broadway shows, concerts, and touring acts. Its stunning architecture and opulent interiors provide a grand setting for unforgettable live experiences. Aside from its regular programming, The Orpheum hosts special events like the Memphis Symphony Orchestra performances, ballet performances, and notable touring musicals.


The Orpheum Theatre’s location in the South Main Arts District makes it an ideal spot to explore the city’s artistic offerings and indulge in delectable dining options.

Rum Boogie Café, Beale Street

Rum Boogie Café is an iconic blues club providing an authentic atmosphere where visitors can immerse themselves in the heart-rending sounds of blues and soul. The café hosts live performances every night, featuring renowned artists and emerging talents. It’s a hotspot for blues enthusiasts seeking an intimate, up-close experience with the genre’s raw emotion.

Rum Boogie Café has a rich history and has welcomed legendary artists like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. Its walls are filled with murals, paying homage to the musicians who have left a mark on the blues scene.

Levitt Shell, Overton Park

Levitt Shell is an open-air theater that hosts free concerts showcasing a diverse range of musical genres. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Overton Park, this venue offers a laid-back and family-friendly atmosphere, perfect for enjoying live music under the stars. The venue offers variety, from jazz and folk to rock and world music–the performances cater to various musical tastes.

Levitt Shell holds historical significance as the site of Elvis Presley’s first rock ‘n’ roll concert. Today, it provides accessible live music experiences that unite people to celebrate the arts.

Lafayette’s Music Room, Overton Square

Combining great tunes with delicious southern cuisine, Lafayette’s Music Room offers an immersive experience where visitors can enjoy the sounds and flavors of Memphis. Lafayette hosts various events, including tribute nights, showcases featuring local artists, and themed parties.


Lafayette’s Music Room has a long history, being a live music hub since the 1970s. Its spacious layout and energetic ambiance make it an ideal spot for socializing, dancing, and indulging in mouthwatering dishes.

Final Thoughts

Memphis is a city where music lives and breathes, and these five live music venues exemplify the soul-stirring experiences it offers. From Beale Street’s legendary blues clubs to The Orpheum Theatre’s majestic halls, each venue has its unique charm and contribution to the city’s musical tapestry.

The Beale Street Music Festival sets the stage for an unforgettable three-day celebration of music. Located on the historic Beale Street, this festival brings together renowned artists from various genres, creating a lively atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of Memphis.

The Orpheum Theatre’s stunning architecture provides a grand setting for unforgettable performances.

For an authentic blues experience, look no further than Rum Boogie Café. This iconic blues club on Beale Street offers intimate live performances by talented local musicians, allowing you to immerse yourself in the soulful essence of Memphis music.

Levitt Shell is an open-air theater that provides a laid-back atmosphere for enjoying live music under the stars. But if you want to experience the Memphis music scene while enjoying delicious southern cuisines, Lafayette’s Music Room is the place to be.

The magic of live music is an experience every music lover deserves to have. Explore these extraordinary live music venues that make Memphis a haven for music enthusiasts worldwide.